The Summer Cut?

It’s reasonable to assume that your dog would, like you, appreciate having everything possible done to improve their comfort during those hot sometimes sizzling days of summer. Surely that lustrous coat you have been cultivating over the cooler months will benefit from a trim? Think again!


Dogs cool themselves by panting, we’ve all seen that almost despondent tongue hanging from the mouth during summer in an act of desperation but in reality that’s the K9 cooling system at work. That said, excessive panting, lounging around on the kitchen tiles could be signs of heat stress. Your dog will probably get hotter before you, so keep an active watch.


It’s important to ensure that there’s ample cool water, shady spaces and if they’re allowed inside the air conditioning obviously helps. Whilst we know cutting your dogs hair will not keep them cool, it will help to keep them comfortable. Ensuring that their coat is clean, well conditioned and tangle free is paramount. A healthy coat and well-maintained hair ensures your dogs best chance of naturally managing the heat.


We’re not saying don’t get your dog trimmed but simply realise this is an aesthetic that’s not necessarily contributing to their temperature. As always talk to your local pet groomer of veterinarian to seek professional advice if you’re unsure about anything.

Remember a good looking, well cared for dog, is a happy one!